Monday, January 11, 2010

Sac Town Trick Comp

So yesterday Daniel and Taylor (P.A.) went out to Sac town for their 5 stop trick comp. Taylor Dwight took first place and Daniel took 2nd. Rich Baldwin from SF who's also a good friend took 3rd. A local named Brad who was super cool and was also killing it took 4th and was 1 point away from tieing Rich.
Here's the flier
It was put on by Kris of Lockedcog and it was a blast! A trick comp where you travel to 5 diff spots and they choose the top 3 riders at each spot.
1st place rider get's a prize at each spot, 2nd and 3rd get points. At the end of the comp, rider with the most points get's 1st and then so on. There were a ton of prizes from IMINUSD, LOCKEDCOG, JOHNCARDIEL ANTIHERO! WHAT!, EIGHTHINCH, LUCKYLEFTS, & REDBULL. By far the best trick comp I've ever been to. Tons of locals also came out and joined in on the group ride to each spot. Afterwards they had the London 2 Paris/Revival Premier which are also two amazing videos! Go check them out.
Here are just a few photos that just got posted on North Bay Fixed Thanks to Alex and Chris V. for taking flicks. More will be posted soon when they get put on lockedcog. And a special thanks to MR.Dwight for driving us out to sac. as well and hanging out and riding with a group or reckless kids ha.
here's the flicks.

-Last Spot. Super steep bank Tay threw down a 180 bar

-Brad from Sac duing a 180 near the top of the bank

-4th spot. Rich doing a 180 bar on the bank

-4th spot. Tay doing a wall ride

-2nd spot. Tay doing a 180 on a dirt bank.
More to come.

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