Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photos by: Colin B.

Here's a few photos our good friend Colin snapped while he was in town for a week back from Oregon. He also has a few videos that were saving for an edit that should be out sometime soon when the time is right.
It was great seeing him and we already miss him.

-Kenny's tight spot double peg

-Danimal's hang over tooth on the shop rail

Thanks Colin... Come home already...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kennys new edit!

So we've been lacking on posts lately and hope to revamp the blog up a little more sometime soon. Everyones been super busy working and going to school that it's been tough to get everyone together for a nice PFG evening... But this Sat is our BBQ for all the kids with birthdays this month and if you're in the area hit us up and swing by and hang out.

Kenny: Whatever Happens, Happens. from Kenny Arimoto on Vimeo.

Get em champ!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The new Destroy bars have arrived!

Here's Daniel's set up with his new bars and rear shadow hub gaurd!
-New bars!
Width - 32" wide!
(Cut to your liking!)
Rise - 3.5"
Backsweep - 5 to 10 degrees
Clamp - 22.2
Material - 4130 Cromo
Price - $45 before shipping

-48h Profile Hub, 14mm Axle with Shadow Conspiracy Hub Gaurd

-Photo by Xavier