Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tool bag

So I decided to sew a new tool bag up because the one I had just wasn't cutting it.
I have a little hip pouch that Mike gave me that works amazing but it can't hold my big wrenches so I decided to make a new one. Not to say I don't use Mike cause I trust it to hold my wallet/phone/ipod and other things too.
So here it is...

This little tool pouch fit's in my bag great and seems to be working alright. When I don't take it with me it hangs on a hook in my tool shed. It also has a big pocket in the back that holds my spoke keys, ratchet ends and spacers/other random parts.

I posted this now because it's not that great compared to the rolltops/hip pouches/back packs that will be posted by Mike B. out of Los Altos also known as
Into The Mecha/Lithe Clothworks
Keep an eye & your wallet's out because he has some amazing shit for sale.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scott & Daniels Trip to SF & THE THRASHER!!!

- Scott & Daniels bikes on Caltrain

-Scott Grubbing on Subway ha

-Rich B. bout to throw a hop bar off the Island Ledge

-Daniel about to throw a hop bar

-Chris Fonseca's VOLUME THRASHER!!!
If you'd like to know how it ride's email me...
Let's just say it's pretty dope
and seemingly indestructable...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haleys new Frame!

Haley finally got her new frame in (2 weeks ago)
I've been laggin on putting these up and finally found time.
Myself(Daniel), Haley, and Amanda headed over to our mechanic Patrick and Jordans house to have Pat put together her new frame.
Here are a few photos

Frame/Fork: Eighth Inch Scrambler V.2
All other parts are off her Mercier
Soon when Haley gets her new wheelset in
I'll take photos and put them up also

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why does Daniel seem to break everything

Another seat destroyed. This happened before he even broke his frame but still.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bike Polo Night!

Sunday night bunch of kids showed for some good, clean Bike Polo.

Scott centering himself
Hit That shit yo
Cluster Fuck
Pat Goes for a Shot
Daniel's new prototype frame... Thanks for the hook up Ross!

(photos by kelsey and scott)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chris Fonseca's 3GS video from yesterday at the Island!

Saturday Funday 3GS Video from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Rob with forward sliders.
Joel with his Fakie wheelie barspins
Rich with his crazy Hop Bar off that big ledge
Marcus with his Nose Piv. Sliders
Scott with his 1080 Keo barspin out.
Chris F. with his new beast... The Volume Thrasher.
Photos of his ride will be up soon...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Photos from Greer today...

So Pat, Daniel, and Scott went to Greer (P.A.) today and rode the park. Got a bunch of photos of Daniel getting air, and Scott doing barspin to fakie in the deep end of the bowl. Pat was wheeling around the bowl on his S-Works.
Daniel tried to air out of the bowl over the trash can but none of the photos below are of him landing it.

Did he really land it? Only time will tell. Or a photo will that's being saved...
Soon enough you will see...

-Eat shit!!! Daniel slamed a bunch of times gapping out of the bowl today

-Scott mashin around the bowl.

-Pat wheeling around the outside of the bowl.


- More air...

Photos By Daniel and Scott.
Also fuck my frame (Daniels) cause that shit's straight up cracking.

A shot night ride.

Tonight I (Daniel) went over to Patrick and Jordan's house and kicked it. Trued some wheels and watched Hot Shots. We then decided to ride a block down the street to a spot Pat. Jordan, and Chris S. made. It was a dirt tranny into a creek barrier.
Was kinda hard to ride because of the mud but was super legit.

-Chris S. doing a big rock to fakie on his 26" BMX bike.

-Pat after he slamed trying to land a wall ride

-Chris S. Wallride transfer

-Daniel bunny hop fakie

-Chris S. Disaster

-Chris S. Fat wallride hop