Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More photos from Trick comp.

Thanks to Jerome Love for all the photos as well as Kris of Lockecog Here's the photo dump!
Prepare yourselfs! Hopefully more will turn up too.
-Daniel wheeling down block with all the riders who came out

-Daniel in upper left corner, JOHN CARDIEL! with Kris (locked cog)

-Alex (NorthBayFixed), Fonseca behind him, Rich, Daniel, Taylor, Brad, 3 Sactown local kids

-Brad hopping the 4 stair @ 1st spot. Locked On Locked Cog

-Taylor 180 4 stair @ 1st spot

-Daniel X-up 4 stair @ 1st spot

-Kris & Daniel riding to the next spot

-Daniel nose bonk @ 2nd spot

-Tay 180 @ 2nd spot

-Brad 180 @ 2nd spot

-Brad 180 @ 2nd spot

-Mass group of riders that came out.

-Tay 180s out bank @ 3rd spot

-Brad 180 @ 3rd spot

-Tay 180 @ 3rd spot.

-Tay 180 bar @ 3rd spot

-Tay 180 @ 3rd spot

-Daniel nose manny @ 4th spot

-Brad 180 nose bonk @ 4th spot

-Taylor wallride @ 4th spot

-Taylor huge wallride @ 4th spot

-Taylor 180 bar @ 5th spot

-Daniel riding down the path towards the bank @ 5th spot
That thing was huge and sooo sketchy to ride!

-Daniel hop fakie @ 5th spot

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  1. Looks like it was a blast! I am so jealous you dudes have rideable weather!