Wednesday, March 31, 2010

PFG Rides Road Too

Jordan and I (Pat) went road riding this last Sunday. Up Pagemill, down Alpine, and up and over 84.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Day at Greer with all the homies!

We all went down to Greer yesterday, we as in like 20 of us, to ride and hang out on such a beautiful day!
Here's an edit put together by Kenny A. (of Atherton)
(other edits filmed by Taylor and Robert will be finished shortly)

Here are some photos Colin B (Of Menlo Park) took yesterday

-Marcus (Pacifica) and Kenny (Atherton)

-Scott Pense (Santa Cruz)

-(in background from left to right) Kelsey (Menlo Park), Marcus (Pacifica), and Dom (Pacifica)

-Robert Myers!!! (Pacifica)

-Taylor 360

Now here's photos that Michael Castillo (of Palo Alto) took as well

-Daniel 360 (Redwood City)

-Taylor Air (Palo Alto), Spencer Shopping Cart (Palo Alto)

-Colin (Left), Daniel (right)

-Taylor 360

-Kenny, Taylor, Daniel, Colin (from left to right)

-Taylor with the fence tipee toe tail whip, Daniel snaggin the front wheel

-Taylor huge 180

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mishaps and Mockery

Kenny's at it again.
Our buddy Alex from Northbay Fixed came down for a visit yesterday as well as a few weeks ago to meet up for some riding/fun.
Hills, Falls, Fun, and Footy
Check it out yo...

Mishaps and Mockery. from Kenny Arimoto on Vimeo.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's been awhile... DTSD was amazing!!!!

So i've been super busy preparing to go to Long Beach CA with Taylor and Haley.
I haven't really been riding with my PFG homies. There's been so much shit going on with getting a bike ready for myself to ride, picking up parts, putting it together, tires not fitting correctly.
Anyhoo, here's a couple of dope photos Triee562 posted on Trick Track,
This girl is legit as fuck! Buddy Jake from San Lorenzo (Area Cycles) told me she's bout 15 to 17 and pretty fucking good at tarckin. She was rockin a blue 50,or 53cm cutter with a dmr or somethin, and DUAL 26"s!!! She was doing barspins and bunnyhops.
here's a few photos she posted...

^Sean - awesome new friend I made in L.B. kid's good and has amazing hair!!! And i'm so envious of his new Kilroy as well as Mike Dinh's

Anyhoo, I wanna thank Taylor for lending me his old Cutter, Mark from IminusD for the parts and shirt/stickers. Mr.Dwight for taking us all the way down there, as well as Mike Dinh for letting us stay at his house and sleep on his coldass floor!

^Gus - Now one of my heros for meeting him, seeing the footage of how he received his gnarly black eye, his part in revoked, hanging out/riding and finding out he's SXE too!!! Right on Gus! oh and his buddy CJ as well, oh and Seamoose!!!

^180 X Up... Yeah I rocked the helmet... say what's up...

here's a couple videos as well from DOWNTOWN SHOWDOWN!
oh and a few photos of Taylor and Jake whom last min. rolled down to L.B. with us. Dude rips hard! Tay took 3rd, Jake took 2nd, Matt took 1st... shit was insane!
I place in the top 5 with my new buddy THE Wizard! Marwin! dude's got the cleanest 1 ft. wheelies to foot plant combos!

Downtown Showdown, Long Beach CA from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

^ Jake S. Fat 180 by Justin21:13

^180 X Up by Matt Lingo

^ Taylor Transfer air by Justin 21:12

Anyway. This weekend was a blast. We met a ton of amazing riders, got to see the World Premier of REVOKED! Watched our first Gold Sprints, and rode some dope spots.
All in all it was a great weekend... Thanks everyone that made this trip a success!!!