Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tool bag

So I decided to sew a new tool bag up because the one I had just wasn't cutting it.
I have a little hip pouch that Mike gave me that works amazing but it can't hold my big wrenches so I decided to make a new one. Not to say I don't use Mike cause I trust it to hold my wallet/phone/ipod and other things too.
So here it is...

This little tool pouch fit's in my bag great and seems to be working alright. When I don't take it with me it hangs on a hook in my tool shed. It also has a big pocket in the back that holds my spoke keys, ratchet ends and spacers/other random parts.

I posted this now because it's not that great compared to the rolltops/hip pouches/back packs that will be posted by Mike B. out of Los Altos also known as
Into The Mecha/Lithe Clothworks
Keep an eye & your wallet's out because he has some amazing shit for sale.

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