Friday, December 18, 2009

Photos from Greer today...

So Pat, Daniel, and Scott went to Greer (P.A.) today and rode the park. Got a bunch of photos of Daniel getting air, and Scott doing barspin to fakie in the deep end of the bowl. Pat was wheeling around the bowl on his S-Works.
Daniel tried to air out of the bowl over the trash can but none of the photos below are of him landing it.

Did he really land it? Only time will tell. Or a photo will that's being saved...
Soon enough you will see...

-Eat shit!!! Daniel slamed a bunch of times gapping out of the bowl today

-Scott mashin around the bowl.

-Pat wheeling around the outside of the bowl.


- More air...

Photos By Daniel and Scott.
Also fuck my frame (Daniels) cause that shit's straight up cracking.

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