Monday, June 6, 2011

It's been a while... we've all been busy

Hey everyone... it's been a while.
We've all been working hard on our own projects lately, school, work, riding, shooting, everything. So I wanted to take a second and say if your part of the PFG family and have anything interesting to post please send it to me (daniel). I'll post it up. Here's some stuff that's been happening in my life recently along with a few photos i've stumbled upon.

First thing's first...
Went with the Destroy crew all the way out to Milwaukee Wisconsin for Midwest Mayhem 2! It was such a blast. We drove all the way their in the Destroy van and man was it a trip. Kenny and Myself competed and had a blast. We both landed a lot of hard tricks and I personally learned a few new ones while I was there.
here's a few photos from the comp that I found.
(Kenny I know you found a bunch of your self so let me know and I'll throw them up here)

I'll post more later but we do have a bunch of sick stuff in the works.
Things like Polo this summer, Poker night at the Destroy Shop! Night/Group/Picknick rides! And possibly road trippin to somewhere awesome to ride and make some memories... So please PFG let's get this shit rolling this summer. I know you all have lifes but lets have fun this summer.

Oh yea... I also lost my phone in Wisconsin so no use in calling me.
But let's make this shit happen.

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