Tuesday, October 19, 2010

EPA Fixed?

So I've heard about them for a little while and a few PFG members have run into them around while out on rides and I finally met up a few downtown in P.A. at Pizza My Heart (my favvv). After meeting 2 of them I realized they've been by my shop a few times and I've already met a majority of them while I fixed a few of their bikes.
Here's a photo of Josue's Leader TRK.
He's rocking a B43 ft, custom Pink Aerospoke in the rear.
Holdfast's, black Sugino's, short bmx stem and some small risers.
I dig his bike so much! So simple and perfect color cordinated.
Also great for speed as well as tricks.
We'll deff be seeing these guys around and hopefully we can all do a big group ride sometime soon. Hit us up EPA FIXED!!!

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