Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sean snap's his new fork...

So I went to meet up with Sean and all the other PFG riders at Stanford last night (9/27), and I see Sean jumping this 5 stair on his new prototype 3G frame... He just got this frame less than a week ago and picked it up complete at Interbike! At first glance this bike is a beast! it fit's a giant 26x3.4 sized tire!!! It also came micro gear which I was bummed about and has horrible barspin clearance but overall the weight on this Aluminum frame came out to be under 24lbs!
-Sean at the top of a Stanford 5 stair.


All in all I bust out Haley's new D90 and begin shooting. Sean jumps this 5 stair about 5 or 6 times and after the 6th time I hear everyone start yelling. I turn and to my surprise this is what I see....

-Sean smiling with his bent aluminum fork...
Sean then procedes to ram his frame into a wall and inevitably straightens his fork enough so he can ride his bike home.

-Back into place

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  1. wow Sean this is Gary Silva...........I heard it from one my guys .............about the fork...I love to get the fork back ..........call me if u can