Monday, March 22, 2010

Day at Greer with all the homies!

We all went down to Greer yesterday, we as in like 20 of us, to ride and hang out on such a beautiful day!
Here's an edit put together by Kenny A. (of Atherton)
(other edits filmed by Taylor and Robert will be finished shortly)

Here are some photos Colin B (Of Menlo Park) took yesterday

-Marcus (Pacifica) and Kenny (Atherton)

-Scott Pense (Santa Cruz)

-(in background from left to right) Kelsey (Menlo Park), Marcus (Pacifica), and Dom (Pacifica)

-Robert Myers!!! (Pacifica)

-Taylor 360

Now here's photos that Michael Castillo (of Palo Alto) took as well

-Daniel 360 (Redwood City)

-Taylor Air (Palo Alto), Spencer Shopping Cart (Palo Alto)

-Colin (Left), Daniel (right)

-Taylor 360

-Kenny, Taylor, Daniel, Colin (from left to right)

-Taylor with the fence tipee toe tail whip, Daniel snaggin the front wheel

-Taylor huge 180

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