Monday, October 12, 2009

What bike did you ride before you went fixed?

Daniel rode a piece of sh*t a$$ Specialized Cross Roads frame hahaha.It was given to him by his friend Kelly Davis who's dad had it lying around.She gave it to him because her dad was sick of seeing the damn thing.
-Specialized Crossroad (Hybrid haha)

After riding it for about 6 months.
The bike finally died with Daniel being hit by a car while towing Xavier on his skateboard. A block from the skatepark.
Luckily Daniel was able to jump off the bike right as some dumb b*tch took out the back end. He survived with just minor flesh wounds.
All said and done he needed a new bike to commute to work and back.
He called Sean up, Sean built him up a awesome conversion...
He's been riding fixed since, (since Sean built him a fixed bike with a broken brake that made his tires exploded while bombing a hill from work the first day he got it...)
-Ross Conversion (aka the tank) Truvativ Cranks. Formula Rear, Old Mavic open pro front, Sr quill with chopped risers (originally road drops) along with a retarded seat angle.

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