Monday, August 24, 2009

Old Photo Check #3

Digging through the archives, I found a bunch of old photos....
- Daniel, Marcus, & Sean at the first New Years Alley Cat in Pleasanton CA. Hanging out doing tricks after the race. Sean came in 2nd place while Daniel came in 5th. (December 2008)

- Bike Porn?! Tyler and his new Felt TK2 when he first got it built up. He then decided to get naked and tuck it back... I'll never forget this one... (November 2008)

- Another night in a parking garage, Tyler riding side saddle.(March 2009)

- Scott track standing (March 2009)

- Zack mashing around (March 2009)

- Scott, Daniel, Tyler, Zack (March 2009)

- Scott with a over the bar skid (March 2009)

- Daniel with his neon green Bianchi (March 2009)

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